My name is Hagood Coxe
      My work is  influenced by my environment: I was raised on a rugged property in South Carolina. Having lived in the wetlands near the P.D. river, with no neighbors for 20 miles in any direction, I became intimately aware and appreciative of the natural world. The balance and beauty of the relationships that supported the diverse wild life ‘and myself’ fascinated me.
     In 2011 I entered the Savannah College of Art and Design for a major in Illustration. In addition to my core classes I took Biology, Anthropology and Biomimicry to try and satisfy my craving for the study of life and soon I had decided to focus my work on Scientific/Biological and Natural Historic Illustration.
       My art is a form of communication, and it is directly related to my idea of what is important: nature, science, biology, anthropology, archeology... for me exploring these subjects and understanding them myself is second only to helping others understand them through visual communication.
     My goal when working is to make clear, accurate, and interesting imagery that is also beautiful. My work compels people to not only understand the importance of the information and subject but to enjoy it! I believe that the first step to taking care of our world is to understand it, thus ‘educational aesthetics.’